why save activityMyWoodlot lets you view all the Activities we have on the site for free. So why should you take the extra step of creating a MyWoodlot profile to save the ones you’re interested in?

  1. Quick return access – Your saved Activities are all stored in one place where you can quickly view, sort, and access them. No more fumbling with searches or bookmarks!

  2. Track your progress – Mark each saved Activity as “I want to do it,” “I am doing it,” “I need help,” or “Activity completed.”

  3. Keep up to speed – We’re always adding new information to existing Activities to make them clearer and easier. The date of the last change to an Activity is listed in your saved Activities, so you can see at a glance what’s different since your last visit.

  4. Learn from other landowners – Our forum is a great place to get specific questions answered by both landowners and outdoor professionals. You can read the forum without a profile, but you’ll need one before you can post to it.

  5. It’s still FREE! – There’s no charge to create a MyWoodlot profile and save Activities.