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Ron Frisbee

Ron Frisbee

Areas Served:
Delaware, Otsego, Schoharie, Greene and Sullivan counties

Services Offered:
Forest management planning and implementation
Boundary Line maintenance
Timber Stand Improvement thinning and marking
Timber Harvest Administration and oversight
Tree planting and site preparation
NYS Certified Pesticide Technician
NRCS Technical Service Provider

BA Northern Studies : Ecology
MS SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Special Interests:
Multifunctional Riparian Buffers - tree nuts, fruit and berries
Streambank stabilization
Slash walls and deer exclusion fencing
Use of lower impact equipment for tree harvesting
Portable sawmilling
Maple syrup production
Shiitake mushroom production

Mission Statement:
My forestry business is an extension of services that we have implemented here on our 4 generational farm in Delhi.  We have harvested timber; thinned the woods to improve forest health; replanted native hardwoods and protected them from deer browsing; tapped the maples and produced maple syrup using the firewood from the thinnings; planted SuperSweet maples to replace maples lost to drought, forest tent caterpillars and fungus attack; planted a multifunctional riparian buffer after stabilizing the stream and protected it with a slash wall and two-stage deer fencing. I am currently experimenting with use of a small excavator and tree shear attachment to do Timber Stand Improvement thinning as well.  Growing up on this farm and planning for its transition to future generations of Frisbees, has given me a unique perspective on stewardship that I am able to share with my clients and other woodland owners. Riverdale Farm and Forest has always had an educational mission as the farm has been a participant in almost all of the Watershed Agricultural Council's programming.  My dad sold a Conservation Easement to WAC and many Best Management Practices have been installed to protect water quality as we produce beef, pork, chicken, maple syrup, lumber, firewood, flowers, jewelry and some GRAND children.