Rod Jones

Areas Served:
All of New York and Pennsylvania.

Services Offered:
Forest inventory and management plans, timber stand improvement, tree planting, property line maintenance, timber sales, supervision of timber harvest operation and timber sale contract compliance, timber appraisals, timber trespass and damage appraisals, expert testimony and litigation, timber income tax reports, timber land assessment exemptions, topographical maps, aerial photographs.

A.A.S. in Applied Science - Forest Technology from College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry, Ranger School, Wanakena, NY. B.S. in Resource Management from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, NY. Continuing education requirements for every professional association affiliated with.

Special Interests:
American Tree Farm Certified Inspecting Forester since 1982. Society of American Foresters Certified Forester since 1981. Member of the New York Institute of Consulting Foresters since 1988. Approved Forester in NY, NY and PA.

Mission Statement:
To love and provide for the wife of my youth. To love, provide and inspire my seven children to do great things in life so that they would learn how to live life. To help to encourage my family and friends. To serve forest landowners by helping them to dream about their property and teach them the many values of their land in a way that is fun and economically beneficial to them, their family and those around them. To set a high standard to the forestry profession.