Laurie Raskin

Areas Served: 
Central NY, Hudson Valley of NY, PA, NJ, CT

Services Offered:
Forest stewardship plans, watershed forest management plans, property tax savings, wildlife management, permit acquisition, Christmas tree culture, arboriculture, urban forestry, tree protection plans, forest inventory and mapping, timber sales and appraisals, timber stand improvement, NY 480A classification, boundary location and maintenance, GIS and GPS services, forest recreation, forestscaping and invasive species control.

B.S. from SUNY ESF at Syracuse, NY.

Services Offered: 
Timber sale management, timber valuations, forest management plans, NY and PA forst tax law programming, boundry lines and tresspass appraisal.

Special Interests: 
Camping, hiking, backpacking, food.

Mission Statement: 
With professionalism and dignity, DHW Forest Consulting LLC provides landowners with the knowledge and tools to enhance their properties, increase the value of timber, produce a more sustainable and safe timber harvest, promote wildlife habitat, foster recreational activities and establish solutions to protect your legacy.