Invasive Plants Invade MyWoodlot!

Joshua VanBrakle Monday, 18 July 2016

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Invasive plants like this tangle of multiflora rose and Japanese barberry reduce wildlife habitat and prevent new native trees and plants from growing.

When we started MyWoodlot, we didn’t want to just blast it out to everyone right away. We wanted to show it to a few landowners first, to find out what we’d done wrong so we could try to fix it. During those tests, the thing we heard most often from folks was “Where’s the stuff on invasive plants?”

I’m pleased to write today that we heard you. After several months in the making, we’re finally launching an invasive plants section on MyWoodlot. We’ve overhauled our Pests interest area, and over the next two months, we’ll be adding almost a dozen activities designed to help you keep invasive plants off your land and stop the ones you do have from running amok.

We’ve already started with the simplest and most effective way to deal with invasive plants: prevention. Dealing with established invasive plants is a difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes expensive task, so the best solution is to stop the invasion before it starts. Check out in particular our new slideshow on five easy ways to keep invasive plants off your property.

Of course, odds are you already have some invasives on your land, so prevention isn’t enough by itself. That’s why coming activities will include strategies for locating invasive plants before they take over, as well as a variety of control methods.

Invasives are a tough problem (in more ways than one), but I hope we’ve come up with some ideas to help you address them. As the new activities roll out, let us know what you think and where we can make changes to make our content more useful.

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