Does a Bear Sit in the Woods?

Kris Brown Wednesday, 02 September 2020

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So far, experimenting with trail cameras on public land in the Catskills has been a success. I have captured images of all kinds of wildlife and learned a little bit more about deer movement in preparation for this fall’s hunting season. Most of all, it is a thrill to pop open a trail camera and toggle through the display menu to find the number of photos on the memory card since the last download. When I checked the cameras in early June of 2020, it was extra special because this time I had all of my cameras programmed to take 15-second videos as opposed to still photos.

For your viewing pleasure, I sorted through a few hundred videos (many of which were of leaves blowing in the wind, haha) and compiled this list of my favorites:

Young Buck


Doe & Fawn


Jake Parade


Thirsty Coyote


Black Bear on the Move


Resting Bear


So, does a bear sit in the woods? Now we know for sure. Thanks for watching.

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