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Just as people start going to bed, your woodlot is waking up. Many animals are only active at night. Sit outside with your ears open, and you might surprise yourself with what you hear.


What’s that sound? When daylight fades, many creatures come awake. Wild nighttime calls provoke excitement in some people and fright in others. The links below are the most common nocturnal animal sounds in New York State woodlands.

Still can't identify the sound you heard? Try posting in the MyWoodlot Discussion Forum and our experts will try to help figure it out.


Great Horned Owl

Eastern Screech Owl

Barred Owl

Short Eared Owl

Common Nighthawk




Red Fox


Eastern Cottontail


Spring Peeper


Gray Tree Frog

American Bullfrog

Green Frog

Wood Frog


House Cricket


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