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Habitat Tree

A tree of especially high value for wildlife. These trees often have some unusual quality that makes them more useful than others for wildlife. Common traits include exceptional size, very old age, and the production of fruit like acorns. Standing dead trees can also be habitat trees, because they often provide cavities for animals to nest in.


In general, trees with traditional leaves, as opposed to needles. You might also see these trees called "broad-leafed" trees. Despite the name, hardwoods aren't necessarily "hard" in terms of how dense they are.

Harvest Boundary

The edge of a logging job. It may or may not be the same as the boundary of your property. Generally the harvest boundary will be marked in the field with paint or flagging.

Heavy Equipment

Large motorized equipment used for different tasks. Example: bulldozer, excavator, backhoe, skidder.


a family possession handed down from generation to generation.

High Grade

An unsustainable type of harvest that removes only the largest trees of the most valuable species. It provides short-term income, but degrades the woods and often makes future harvests impossible or at least of much lower economic value. Avoid these types of harvests.