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Certified Forester

A professional certification by the Society of American Foresters

Commercial Harvest

A logging job that earns the landowner money.

Conservation Easement

An easement granted by a landowner to a public or private entity (as a land trust) in which the landowner agrees to restrictions on use of the land (as from development) and the holder agrees to enforce the restrictions.

Consulting Forester

A forester that advises a landowner on what actions to take to manage their woodland. They also act as the landowner's agent in selling and overseeing timber harvesting.

Cooperating Forester

A forester designation by the NY Department of Environmental Conservation. Cooperating foresters are eligible to write forest management plans to enroll landowners in 480a.

Crop Tree

A tree selected to be part of a future commercial harvest. These are generally the straightest, healthiest, fastest-growing trees of the most valuable species. They are often encouraged to grow more quickly by removing smaller trees near them that compete with them for light, water, and nutrients.


The act of estimating the amount and quality of timber in a woodlot. Usually performed by a forester as part of writing a management plan or preparing for a timber harvest.

Cull Tree

The poorest quality trees from a commercial standpoint. They are usually of such poor form and undesirable species that they have little if any market value. They are sometimes removed in harvests or used for firewood to encourage growth of more valuable trees growing near them.