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What's My Property's Tax Identification Number?

If your property is in the NYC Watershed and you decide to enroll in the 480a Forest Tax Law program, you are eligible for funding from the Watershed Agricultural Council (WAC) to help offset the cost of enrollment.

480a enrollment incentive application

When submitting an application for funding to WAC, you are asked to provide your property’s Tax Identification Number (<< see right).

This number is assigned by the county tax assessor to a plot of land for identification and tracking purposes in land transactions and property taxes.

Here are some ways to locate your land’s Tax Identification Number:

  • Look at a recent copy of your property or school tax bill or receipt (see below). 
  • Look at your property’s deed and locate the number in the property description.
  • Check mortgage documents associated with your property. Tax ID numbers are often listed.
  • Call or visit your local county assessor. Give the clerk the physical address of the property, and ask for the tax parcel number. In some cases, your assessor’s office may have a website where you can look up property tax IDs by searching under owner or physical address.

sample property tax billsample school tax bill

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