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  Friday, 19 June 2020
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campdriveway2.jpg We are in the process of purchasing 8ish acres on a seasonal road off of Skaneateles Lake (hope to be closed in a few weeks). There is an old road/driveway that goes from one end of the lot to the other (straight into a neighbor's lot so assuming they have gotten use out of it over the years :lol:). Our plan after we close is to have part of the road refurbished and a parking "pad" that is big enough for two RV's/campers put in. We'd like to start using the land as soon as possible for recreational purposes. We originally intended on having it resurveyed and then beginning the work. However, it seems that courtesy of COVID many surveyors are booked out quite a bit so by the time we wait for that we'll have lost most if not all of the summer. The last survey was done in 1991. I only have a photo of the survey since we haven't closed yet, but it appears that the "driveway" is marked on the previous survey.

I have a number of companies coming out to take a look at the land in the coming weeks, but I was wondering if it would even be feasible to do any work before the updated survey? I know it is not for things like fences that huge property lines, but the "driveway" is clearly in the approximate center of the lot off the seasonal road.

I was also wondering if anyone had an approximate cost per square foot to improve this road (attached a photo) and put in a parking pad might be? Of course these are all questions I will be asking the excavating contractors when they come out, but I am also antsy to start collecting information. "Gravel driveway" estimates online are a huge range so I'm not sure what is reasonable to expect form a project like this
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3 years ago
Hi JJ,

Thanks for using the MyWoodlot forum and good luck as you close on your property. It's your call of course, but it might be most prudent to wait until you have the property boundaries re-surveyed so you know for sure that any road improvements are taking place on your property, and not on your neighbor’s. In terms of cost, it will depend on things like road length (how long is this road?), road standards (i.e. what is required in terms of road widening, compaction, and gravel to get it up to standard for RV traffic), and whether or not any stream crossings are required. To help you estimate the cost, I have attached a paper that was developed by the Virginia Tech Dept. of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation to help landowners and managers estimate the cost of road construction activities for forestry purposes. It probably won’t match up exactly with the contractor estimates, but it’s useful to have a range of costs associated with the different road improvements. The procedures for estimating road improvement costs are outlined on the third page. In your case, you could start at part 5 as the road already exists and you are looking to upgrade it. I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Kris Brown
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