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Written By Karl VonBerg.

Posted on February 27th, 2020.

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You never know what you might find on a walk out in the natural world.

Do you ever feel bored or lonely, with nothing to do? One of my go-to’s, besides raiding the kitchen for food, (not recommended!) is to take a walk. A walk, even to a place you have been many times, can become an adventure.

On a warm December day, when I had been inside for too long, I took a break and checked out the West Branch Preserve near Walton as the snow was starting to melt. I often walk this preserve. I found some tracks and downed trees and a gurgling brook with little frozen waterfalls. On my way back I realized that as the snow melted around small plants it made for nice framed pictures of these plants. What follows are the snow framed pictures I captured. Enjoy!


This is Reindeer moss which is really a lichen.


More Reindeer Lichen.


Reindeer Lichen and Poverty Grass.


Haircap moss.


Haircap moss and lichen.


Haircap moss. Notice the little black specks? Those are Springtails.


Poverty grass, lichen and moss with fruiting bodies sticking up.


Combination of lichen, moss and poverty grass.


Haircap Moss with fruiting bodies sticking up.


Reindeer Lichen.


Haircap moss with oak leaves tucked in.

It amazes me sometimes what you can find as you take in the natural world on a walk. Often the days when you would least like to take a walk (cold, deep snow, windy or rainy) can be the best, in terms of what you will discover. Ready for adventure? Find a park, a NYC Watershed Recreation Area, or your or your neighbors woods and fields. Grab your phone or camera. Step outside and take in the natural world around you!

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