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Written By Heather Hilson.

Posted on June 21st, 2022.

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I recently discovered a fun smartphone app called Relive that uses GPS to track your hike/run/bike and other outdoor activities. You might be thinking, “So what? Many hiking apps already do that”.

Maybe so, but this one creates a really cool video that shows your hiking route overlaid on a 3D terrain map. It can incorporate pictures from your hike and other neat snippets of information. I’ve used it to map hikes and trail rides on horseback.

 I used it in early December of 2021 to map out a hike I took with my friend. We hiked two of the Catskill High Peaks, Blackhead and Black Dome Mountains, with elevations of around 4,000 ft.

hiking black dome blackhead catskill peaks

The view from the top of Black Dome looking back at Blackhead Mountain peaks in the Catskills.

My friend and I are …. intermediate hikers. We like four-to-six-mile hikes and throw in longer, more challenging ones, four to five times a year.

hiking black dome blackhead catskills friends

My friend Amy, and I (in the back) on a snack/photo break.

For this six-mile hike, we set out mid-morning on a cold December day.

hiking black dome blackhead catskills amy heather hike start

One mile into the hike and the first split in the trail. We went right!

The hike started out fairly easy, but after about a mile we started to climb. And the climbing did not stop!

 hiking black dome blackhead catskills steep climb

A steep portion of the trail between Black Dome and Blackhead.

hiking black dome blackhead catskills rock scramble up

A rock scramble almost straight up!!

Unfortunately, the trailhead we chose meant that we were climbing the north-facing slope of the mountain, so we were in the shade for a lot of the trip. This also meant that there was ice in many spots towards the mountaintops, but we were prepared with ice cleats for our hiking boots. Luckily and unknowingly, we chose the route that had ice for the uphill portion of the trip. I’d much rather climb up ice than come down it.

hiking black dome blackhead catskills top terrain

The terrain and tree species changed a lot when at the tops of the peaks.

hiking black dome blackhead catskills heather summit

Me at the summit of Black Dome.

hiking black dome blackhead catskills summit view

More views from the trail.

 hiking black dome blackhead catskills trail view

Another summit view from the trail.

We had actually planned to hit a third peak that day, Thomas Cole Mountain, but by the time we made it to the second peak it was clear that there wasn’t enough daylight left in the day to make it there and back to the trailhead before nightfall. We’ll conquer that peak another day.

hiking black dome blackhead catskills rocks downhill

What goes up must come down! A steep drop in the downhill side of the trail.

I have the free version of the app and find it’s perfect for my needs. I didn’t even make use of all the features I could have such as pinpointing and showing pictures and locations with markers. There’s also a social aspect to the app where you can have friends “like” and comment on each other’s adventures. I’m planning to use it again this year on hikes, horseback trail rides, and snowshoeing expeditions (if we ever get snow!).

relive app screenshot hike summary relive app hike title

Screenshots of the hike summary and title parts of the Relive App.

Here’s the video the Relive App created for me when we were done.

Download Relive HERE.

relive app logo

If you are planning to hike these peaks, or any other peak for that matter, please be prepared. Like I said, my friend and I are intermediate hikers and we do/pack the following:

  • Tell someone where you are going and what time you plan to be back
  • Always use the sign-in sheet at the trailhead (if available) when starting out and then sign out when you return
  • Pack plenty of water and snacks/food (we love food and trail snacks;))
  • Pack a basic first aid kit
  • Bring ice cleats if there is a chance of snow/ice – things may look clear at the bottom of the mountain, but the tops are often a different climate!
  • Bring a windproof/waterproof jacket
  • Pack a headlight/flashlight and extra batteries in the event you have to hike out in the dark – like we almost did





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