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Written By Karl VonBerg.

Posted on November 6th, 2017.

Tagged with Seasonal Blogs - Fall.

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Late fall may seem like a drab, brown season, but there are lots of interesting sights to find if you look closely.

I was walking through some fields recently and came across some wildflowers still in bloom. I thought the multiple frosty mornings would have wiped them out. Most of the leaves have fallen, with only the oaks still holding on.

If you dress right, late fall can be a great time for a wildflower treasure hunt. The days are cool and comfortable, so you can be active without working up much of a sweat. Keep a sharp eye out, and you can be rewarded with some interesting discoveries. So let’s go on an exploration. What’s growing out there this late in the year?

One flower I found on my walk were Asters. Many of their petals were gone, but enough stayed on so that they still looked like flowers.


Elsewhere, tucked into the protection of unmown grass, I found a Wild Geranium. Its light purple flowers brightened up what was mostly shades of brown and green.


Finally, I spotted some Goldenrod still showing its yellow flowers as it fought against the coming cold.


Don’t discount late fall by thinking it’s a drab, brown season. I walk in the fields and woods a fair amount, and I almost always find something interesting if I really look. So get out to your land or a local park. Start walking and open your eyes and ears to what’s out there. I’m certain you’ll be rewarded. I’ll leave you with some rewards I picked up from my recent late fall hike:





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