Written By Andrew Krutz.

Posted on December 10th, 2018.

Tagged with NYC Watershed.

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New York City pizza and bagels are widely considered the best in the U.S., but why? It’s the water.

Everyone knows that New York City pizza and bagels are the best in the world (don’t even try Chicago). Countless blind taste tests have resulted in the overwhelming majority choosing NYC. But why? New York folks will promptly tell you: “It’s the water.” NYC tap water has been called the Champagne of Drinking Waters. The perfect pH and mineral balance is what many believe is the key to the best bagels and pizza. This thought has led companies to try to mimic the water artificially. There is even a franchise which ships NYC water to pizza-makers as far away as Ghana. I’m not making this up. See here and here.

Many of the pizza ovens in NYC have been in use for decades. There is a thought that the aromas of thousands of pizzas have seasoned the ovens in such a way that is impossible to replicate. This has some validity.

Maybe all of the car exhaust has created the perfect pizza terroir? I don’t think this is the case though. After all, no one really drives in NYC. There is too much traffic.


Photo credit: Shutterstock/littleny

Pizza dough is very simple. Only flour, yeast, and water. Of course there are different types of yeast and flour, but water is by far the most variable ingredient. And if you ask me, it is the crust that separates NYC pizza.

NYC’s water comes from the Catskills of course. The water that myself and my co-workers spend every hour of every (work) day protecting. So really, we deserve the credit for those delicious pizzas and bagels. Enjoy. And keep the pineapple for smoothies.

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