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Written By Karl VonBerg.

Posted on January 2nd, 2020.

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Check out this plant’s impressions! What impression do you leave?

Geometric shapes can take many forms. And they can appear in places you least expect to see them. Maybe that is why they stand out. Like the impressions made in the snow by this dead golden rod stalk.


On its own, a brown stalk is rather ordinary. Spring heat will decompose it and it will get recycled back into the earth it grew from. Yet that pattern of precise curves, as the wind blows it, draws me in.

I didn’t notice the stalk, but the impression it makes.

What impression or pattern do you make for others to discover? Are you leaving this world in a better way? Does your impression make others appreciate who you are?

I invite you to slow down, take a walk in the snow this January. See if you can find one of these precise snow semi-circles a dead plant makes as the wind blows it.


Check it out, ponder it a while and consider what impression you would like to make this coming year on the world around you and the people you touch.

Think “simple”. Simple can be profound in its impact. How will you make that impression happen? Who do you know that can help keep you on track?

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