Written By Stefni Krutz.

Posted on October 10th, 2019.

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In honor of Halloween, Stefni Krutz penned this poem about Monotropa uniflora, The Ghost Flower.


Monotropa uniflora: One turn, One flower

Rising from the underground,
Pollinated upside down
Eyebright, gleaming white
Pale-shrouded, apparition of light
Head bowed to earth, facing the dirt
Pedant, penitent, parasite

Feeding from Russula and Lactarius
Petals fleshy, intentions nefarious
Five-parted, achlorophyllous flower
Fairy-smoke in a shady bower
Ripe upturned head, an urn for the dead
Gravid, gestating, geist

Arillus seeds spilled, chaff to the wind
Corpse-plant children, reaching to dig in
Five-celled capsules dessicated and dry
Opened like a hand grasping at the sky
No capsule retained, only pistil remains
Brown, barren, bleak


Ripe upturned head, an urn for the dead


Brown, barren, bleak

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